Here is an example of that I was the producer and the mixing engineer.

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Hi, it's me. Orcun Ayata.

I help songwriters to make their wishes come true with my music production skills.

Here is an example of that I was the mixing & mastering engineer.

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I help songwriters and producers to sound their best with my mixing and mastering skills, 


Tamari, Songwriter

Always keen on the description of your project. As well as very enthusiastic about every project that he touches. Orcun is the role model for all producers mixers and mastering engineers in the love of music. I'm grateful to have the opportunity to work with him.


Trent, Producer

Orcun is without a doubt the best mixing engineer that I have worked with. He generally nails the mix the first time with little to no revisions needed. At this point, I wouldn't consider working with any other engineers. He always goes above and beyond to make sure that I'm satisfied with my song. I'm very fortunate to have my songs mixed and mastered by someone of his skill level.


Dann, Songwriter

Very pleased with Orcun, I had trouble voicing how I wanted my project to sound but he went through each little detail that I could identify and brought the track to where I wanted it. Looking forward to working with him again.

What do people tell about me?


About me

I was interested in music when I was in high school. I started writing my first lyrics and singing by using free beats that I found on the internet. I had to quit high school in the first year because of this "hobby" to create more music. I sold CDs of my first album to buy studio equipment for our bedroom studio with my best friend. In this way, I got interested in the technology side of the music business more and more in years.

I was thinking like "I can't make money while making music" because that was what they told me. So I searched for ways to make money with music, and I met with the audio engineering idea. I wanted to study it, but I didn't have the money to support that dream.


A couple of years passed after trying to study the economy. Then I realized that I couldn't live that way. So again, I decided to be an audio engineer. I worked on a corporate job -which was like an office like in The Office- to fund SAE Audio Engineering school for two years. It was not easy to do that while working 8 to 5, but I finished school. 

In the last years of my education, I found a job at a web radio called Radio Kanyon. I worked there for a year, and I did a couple of radio shows. While I was working at the radio, I had a chance to work at a live show as a sound engineer with a jazz band, and I tried it. I worked for three years at the concerts and festivals with a handful of local bands and artists from Istanbul like Adamlar, Canozan, and Dilhan Sesen.


I also started mixing and mastering for those bands and artists during those years. After a year or so, I started working worldwide. And I love so much working with all kinds of people from everywhere on the planet.


Now I produce, mix, and master songs and albums to help artists, bands, producers, and mixing engineers. My primary purpose is to make a connection with people and create songs that can create engagement with the audience.


Let's get in touch!

Evliya Celebi mah. Sadi Konuralp cad. No: 5/2, Nejat Eczacibasi Binasi, Beyoglu/ISTANBUL, 34433,

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