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Full Music Production

Maybe you have a voice memo of your vocal melody & lyrics along with your guitar, you have your demo in a DAW, or you just have your acapella. Or you don't have anything in your hand yet. Either way, I can help with your production needs.

How does the process work?

  • I will ask you some questions, and we will have a chat about your song to understand your vision. I will take those points as the brief, and I will start working on your music after coming across a point.

  • Then I will send you a quick demo of the first verse and chorus, and we will discuss the concept. Then, after getting the point that both sides are happy with the idea, I will finish the production. 

  • Some records need real instruments like acoustic drums, bass, guitars, strings, etc. At this point, we will work with other musicians. I know too many talented musicians worldwide, so I will always find the best one for the project. 

  • After that, we will record your vocals. I will also guide you through this process if you need that. Then, I will edit your vocals, and we will finish the production process if we decide that we have the best version of it.


If you're finished with your production process and looking for a well thought, great-sounding mix, I'm the right person to do that. 


  • Firstly, I will give some production advice if you need it. Then I will ask you some questions, and I will ask a couple of reference tracks to understand your wishes about the song. Sometimes those wishes are hidden, and not everybody talks in the audio language, so my main job is to translate your ideas into the audio world. 

  • Then the fun part: I will mix your song. I will send a finished mix in a week. You will listen to it carefully, with different speakers and headphones, and you will take your notes. We can either deal with the revision process with emails or on a call. I will make you as much confident about the song as I can. Then we say: it's done!


Maybe you're a professional mixing engineer who wants to take their mixes to another level. Perhaps you're a producer who mixes their own productions. I can help your song translate consumer speakers and headphones well and make it unique yet capable of competing with the other tracks in the genre. 

  • First, I will give you some mixing advice if you need it. Then I will ask you for some reference tracks. After we agree on some points, I will master your mix with the best available digital tools that the technology has and send it to you in a couple of days.

  • You will listen to it carefully with different speakers and headphones. You will ask for a revision if you're not completely satisfied with it, and we will deal with this process via email. 

  • Then we will say this track or album is ready for publishing!

Let's get in touch.

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