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Trent Hays, Producer

Orcun is without a doubt the best mixing engineer that I have worked with. He generally nails the mix the first time with little to no revisions needed. At this point, I wouldn't consider working with any other engineers. He always goes above and beyond to make sure that I'm satisfied with my song. I'm very fortunate to have my songs mixed and mastered by someone of his skill level.

Dream Shark, Artist

Orçun Ayata is every bit as professional as he is friendly! Right away we had great rapport, and our communication remained excellent and clear, despite being on other sides of the globe! Orçun made my LP mix and master sound better than I could’ve imagined, and really took the proper time and care on my project, while still meeting my deadline. I will be sticking with Orçun Ayata my future releases!

E-Macc, Artist

Orcun is an absolute pro! I live in the United States and linked with him through a friend. Even though there is a drastic time difference between Alabama and Turkey, this man is fast and efficient with corrections in our mix! Orcun is by far the best guy that we’ve worked with to make our music come to life! Definitely would recommend!

I also have many reviews through service pages and websites such as Google, Soundbetter, and Airgigs. I'm also a top-rated studio pro on Airgigs.

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