I also publish weekly beats/instrumentals in different genres as a music producer.

Lazy Night, Indie Pop Type Beat

There is always a downside of type beats. You can get inspired by someone's style, but that would be a thief if you go too far. I struggled with this on Lazy Night, but I think I got through it nicely. Trying to publish top-quality beats every week can be challenging, but it has much fun at the same time. There is too much space for vocals, so I hope you can write your lyrics with ease. You can also buy it here.

Soon, Indie Pop Type Beat

I made a collaboration for the guitars on this Indie Pop type beat/instrumental. My friend Emre Akdeniz played those beautiful, mellow and clean electric guitar parts. I haven't had any idea about what I'm gonna do at first, but I found myself in a flow when I got the traffic for the song. I imagine soft, dreamy vocals on top the instrumental. Let me know if you write something with it! You can also buy it here.

The Unlived, Indie Electronic Type Beat

I always love drums on fast tempos. I love drum and bass music. Especially when I'm working out. On this Indie Electronic type beat you can clearly hear those inspirations. I don't think it's an easy instrumental for writing songs, but I think it can be amazing song with a good vocal. You can buy it here.

Not Coming Back, Sad Indie Type Beat

I have never been a melancholic person, but I always loved melancholy. So when I sit down in front of a midi keyboard, I always tend to play minor chords and sad notes. I also can't listen to upbeat, happy songs. I just can't stand it. These days are hard for every one of us. So I think you can feel what I was feeling when I'm making this beat. You can also buy it here.

The Right Time, Indie Pop Type Beat

This one is the first beat that I sold! It's a big success for me because I didn't expect to sell any beats in a year when I decided to do this. So it was a big surprise for me. I saw an email when I woke up for a pee at the night, and I just wanted to check the time. I saw that I sold a beat to a guy from Ukrania! Seeing the results of your hard work that quickly is awesome. You can buy this beat here.

California Roll, Lofi Type Beat

California Roll was the first beat that I've finished. I searched for some artists to sing or rap on it, but I couldn't find anyone. I always thought about sharing it with people to write a song on it, but I wanted to wait a little bit to see if I can stick with the idea of publishing instrumentals on the internet. So, here I am. Publishing beats on YouTube every week. You can buy California Roll here.

Slowthai Type Guitar Beat

I'm not always a fan of trap beats, but I like Slowthai's style. Unfortunately, when I'm searching for a photo of him, I saw that he's spitting in the mouth of his fans at the concerts, which made me feel a little bit strange, but what can I do about it? If you like the electric guitar but love 808 at the same time, you can like this beat. You can buy it here.

Eastern Melodic Drill Type Beat

This one started everything. I did it for a rapper who wants UK Drill type beat. Actually, he liked the beat, but he couldn't afford it. So I asked him if I can upload it on the internet, and he accepted. And my journey has begun. I like mixing genres, so I made this beat. I used oud as a lead instrument, and I supported it with big 808's. I love 808's. You can buy the beat here.

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